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Patch notes

Below is a list of all the recent changes made into the game.

- Decoupled construction pause from entity pause. Entities that cannot be paused (like flywheel) can have construction paused.
- Fixed world mine capacities to be always larger than fully upgraded cargo ship.
- Improved rendering of resource bars which are now in front of terrain designations, they are aligned to designations grid, and slightly slimmer to not occlude the view as much.
- Terrain designations are slightly less transparent to improve legibility.

- When slider in a storage is dragged the target quantity is shown.
- Show notification text when save / autosave is in progress.
- Show toolbox for pause tool to explain right click and ctrl actions.
- Fix cargo ship & depot that had small fuel storage for tier II ships on Admiral difficulty.
- Fix first unlocked village that did not show nodes behind it.

- Added an option to disable partial truck loading in logistics.
- Added auto-repair option for the main ship.
- Improved You Shall Not Pass map so that it is playable even on 100% resources settings.
- Right clicking an icon in the resources panel opens the recipe book.
- Recipe book now shows the title of machines on hover.
- Recipe book now shows which resources can be dumped and mined (for dumping it also warns if mine tower is required).
- Recipe book now properly shows slurry.
- Tree harvesting can be done at slightly longer distance, making some trees easier to harvest.
- Fixed Alert checkboxes that were not synchronized with game state.

- Added storage alerts, you can now configure custom alerts for storage fullness or emptiness.
- Added logistics control to farms and diesel generators (farms have import disabled by default).
- Fixed localization issues where some translated strings were not loaded.
- Translations data is now in "Translations" folder in the game installation so it is much easier change them by players.
- Fixed turbines that fail to connect to transports after upgrade.
- Increased path-finding limits to be able to find very long and complex paths on You Shall Not Pass map.

- New recipe book! Right click on a product in any recipe to open it.
- Added notification for idle excavators that have no reachable designation to mine.
- Fixed tree harvester UI.
- Dumping configuration on the mine tower is always available (no longer locked by a tech).
- Updated all community translations.

0.3.0 (beta)


New soundtrack

  • 64 minutes of industrial-themed music!



  • 3 brand new maps for Beta from advanced to a challenging one.

  • Ability to parametrize maps from the UI, such as forest size, resources size, cliff height.

  • Added limestone as a mineable terrain material. It is primarily used for concrete production but has many other uses throughout the factory.

  • Improved ores deposit shapes to make them easier to mine.

  • Grass is now generated over flat areas of the rocky terrain for nicer looking maps. Also, many deposits are now partially covered by rock.


Mining and dumping

  • Terrain designations size reduced from 6x6 to 4x4. This allows greater flexibility when designing mines and allows steeper ramps.

  • Improved excavators mining logic, allowed mining/dumping across designation borders, and maximized excavator load per dig.

  • Increased mining speed of plain rock by 30% to make it easier to remove while mining resources.


Game difficulties

  • It is now possible to choose game difficulty when creating a new game. There are 3 presets and we allow players to create their own unique experience by tweaking any of the existing options.


Priority system

  • The player can now set a general priority for each machine & building to affect their consumption of electricity, workers, maintenance, and unity. This also affects cargo priority for logistics. Some entities such as storages have dedicated priority configurations.

  • A dedicated set of priorities for electricity generation. With this system players can now build backup electricity generation.


Vehicles navigation redesign

  • Our original navigation for vehicles had several smart auto-recovery systems in case vehicles got lost. This turned out to be too tricky to grasp for players and sometimes this system was confused as bugs. We have removed automated recoveries and now we let players deal with it while providing them a recovery action (costs Unity).


Quick-build & trading

  • Quick-build no longer “cheats” new materials. It was changed to “quick-delivery” so it instantly delivers missing materials that the player already has.

  • To reduce hard-locks (especially in the early game), the player starts with an already discovered village that enables them to trade important commodities. Added a new building called “trading dock” to facilitate goods delivery and to make trading more discoverable and tangible.


New content

  • Blast Furnace II (advanced smelting)

  • Arc furnace I & Arc furnace II

  • Silicon reactor

  • polymerization plant (plastic production)

  • Hydrogen reforming

  • Power production

    • Nuclear reactor

    • Nuclear waste storage

    • Uranium enrichment facility

    • Spent fuel storage

    • HP & LP turbines tier II

    • Large cooling tower

  • Gas and electric boilers

  • Rotary kiln & cement production

  • Anaerobic digester

  • Greenhouse II

  • Ship bridge  III

  • Housing III

  • Household electronics module for settlement

  • New early game buildings: Research Lab tier 0, Maintenance depot tier 0 - these help to reduce initial demands in the early game

  • New products: Limestone, Graphite, UraniumOre, YellowCake, UraniumPellets, UraniumRod, SpentFuel, ToxicSlurry, Ammonia, CarbonDioxide, Cement, PCB, Gravel, Digestate, Sludge, FilterMedia,


Existing chains redesigns

  • New thermal desalinatior that no longer requires coal but uses steam. It provides the ability to utilize nuclear power or waste steam for desalination.

  • Crude oil distillation was redesigned to follow more closely real processes. Also, its bi-products can now be burned in a gas boiler. 

  • Introduced sulfur to decouple sour water from acid. Also a sulfur mine was added to the world map. This enables players to scale acid independently of oil production. 

  • Removed acid recycling. Instead, sulfur can be neutralized using limestone.

  • Advanced smelting enables the addition of extra materials into smelting to increase the efficiency.

  • Salt can be now produced directly without the need to produce brine, it just takes longer.

  • Fertilizer production via hydrogen is now much more expensive. But it is still cheap when made from oil chain via ammonia.

  • Copper electrolysis can work with just water (but yields less pure copper). This removes the oil chain as a blocker for copper production that was causing hard locks.

  • Redesigned Construction parts: CPs I requires concrete, CPs II requires copper, CP3 III requires steel.


New production chains

  • Introduced fuel gas that can be made in anaerobic digester. This enables the recycling of sludge from the settlement (makes water treatment even more beneficial). Gas can be processed to diesel via a cracking unit.

  • Electronics production, household electronics, maintenance II.



  • Maintenance significantly reduced for idle machines & vehicles.

  • Exhaust scrubber is now more beneficial (more power, more useful resources returned).

  • Higher settlement tiers come with a slight increase in services consumption.

  • Maintenance depots now produce more frequently.


Performance improvements

  • Greatly reduced game save duration (less lag during auto-save).

  • 5x improved rendering performance of terrain designations (was noticeable for large designated areas) and made their bookkeeping 100x faster.


Other changes

  • World map and weather are now fully randomized (based on a few predefined constraints) and players can configure game seed in the new game wizard.

  • Added a new edict that increases settlement services consumption for extra Unity.




  • Fixed that shortcuts did not close windows that they opened.

  • Fixed clipped windows on the main screen for smaller resolutions.

  • Improvements in pathfinding.

  • Removed crushed concrete, digging into concrete returns rock instead.

  • Fixed cloning tool that did not deactivate in some cases.

- Made the flip function more intuitive. Now it always flips horizontally from the point of view of the player.
- Flip function can now also flip vertically by holding the SHIFT key when flipping.
- Fixed cargo depot modules that can be now attached in any orientation of the cargo depot.
- Fixed issue with homeless leaving the island immediately when they had no food. This solves unexpected game-over when the player pauses all settlements. Now, 50% of all starving homeless will leave the island every month.
- Fixed entity icon overlay that disappeared after upgrade.
- Fixed the "Not enough" unity icon for boost that did not disappear when boost was disabled.
- Fixed issue when a shipyard would not load its ship.

- Added rotation and flip functionality to the clone tool.
- Added tile validation overlay during construction to aid with building placement. It shows what tiles have placement issues and color-codes them based on their constraints (e.g. blue for ocean).
- The enable-tool pauses with left click & drag and unpauses with right click & drag. It also only pauses machines and buildings. Press CTRL to pause transports as well.
- All the build menus for machines, buildings, and transports can now be searched for quick access.
- Build menus now do not disappear when an entity is selected, or when other tools such as destroy tool are used.
- Improved port icons so that they do not disappear/blink when entity preview is moving.
- Added "error" sound effect when attempting to flip an entity that cannot be flipped.
- Port connection status is now shown even for direct connections between entities.
- Port and entity validation results are now shown immediately when ready, not when the mouse cursor stops for a while.
- Entity and transport previews are now always updated, even when the mouse is not moving. This solves issues when the camera was moved using the keyboard and previews were not updated correctly.

- Added fuel station tier II (with increased capacity refueling speed).
- Fixed fuel stations refueling logic that was not working in some cases.
- Fuel trucks no longer try to refuel their station with fuel. Notification is shown when no fuel pipe is connected.
- Refueling truck always refuels itself and its cargo when parked at the station. This means that the truck is always ready to go when it is needed.
- When a truck delivers fuel to an excavator it also gives any leftovers to nearby excavators. This makes T2 trucks super efficient at refueling.
- Improved how fueling stations are chosen. We used to always force the closest fuel station for
  refueling. Now we just prioritize the closest one but if it is too busy, another one is chosen.
- Changed tree harvesting. Only selected trees are being harvested now. This can alleviate issues where a tree harvester was attempting to navigate to blocked trees and was seemingly stuck.
- Fixed issues with vehicle spawning where vehicles may not get spawned in some situations. Non-spawned vehicles should be fixed after load.
- Improved terrain rendering to not cause lags when there are many terrain updates (many operational mines, etc).

- Added truck assignment to storages. Players can also decide if the assigned trucks should be used exclusively to serve that particular storage.
- Improved UI of turbines and generators to be more informational.
- Entities menu popup now shows icons of products supported by each storage and transport.
- Improved logistics job randomization that should make logistics work better.
- Increase capacity of Excavator from 18 to 20 so it loads large trucks in 3 scoops.
- Speed can be controlled via num keys.
- Rename filtration station to exhaust scrubber (that is the correct technical term).
- Improved housing upgrades description to say that they generate more unity.
- Improved visibility & clarity of hovered product names.
- Fixed preview of buildings that could be sometimes doubled.
- Fixed issue #44 where unassigned recipes with existing buffers got registered to logistics when set to ON mode.
- Fixed minor recipe normalization display issues.
- Fixed that storages that had routes set up before being constructed could not receive materials
- Fixed dumping priorities. Slag dumping is no longer the lowest priority.
- Fixed that dumping from storages was ignoring assigned routes from mining towers
- Fixed that dump trucks from mine towers would ignore dumping opportunities in other assigned mine towers.
- Fixed issues with the Cargo depot where a ship was sometimes unable to unload.
- Fixed vehicle building that could take an incorrect number of materials.

- Pause & destroy tools now support range selection.
- Clone tool supports range selection as well (except transports).
- Added mining prioritization for excavators. You can now specify preferred material to mine.
- Added unity & power warning icons for machines, beacon, and research labs.
- Fixed issue when attempting to place a second beacon.
- Fixed issue when upgrading cargo ship.
- Fixed issues in UI of vehicles overview.

- Fixed cloning of non-cloneable entities with the new area clone tool.

- Fixed minor issues in some translations.


- Increased coal yield during mining by 30%.
- Trucks will no longer deliver wastewater and sour water to the shipyard.
- Trucks will now properly clear the shipyard, even when there are small quantities left.
- Added ability to control logistics for cargo depots the same way as storage (on / off). This enables trucks to deliver or retrieve fuel from it. By default, fuel export from cargo depots is forbidden.
- Cargo depot can no longer serve for refueling.
- Added patch notes window to show patch notes in game.
- Updated all translations.

- Added shifts mechanic to oil rigs which allows to select how much oil should be pumped.
- Added tier 2 cargo depot and cargo ship to allow importing more crude oil.
- Added ability to not snap transports while building (key R).
- Clicking on a notification now shows the affected entity. Multiple clicks cycles though.
- Clicking on an assigned building or vehicle shows them. Multiple clicks cycles through.
- Moved "Custom routes & dumping filter" tech to be available earlier.
- Storages and cargo depots are now more expensive to build.
- Improved notification check on mine tower's non-mineable designations.
- Fixed images on the Main screen that were not clickable in some areas.
- Fixed 3 bugs in cargo ship upgrade flow.
- Fixed particles on some entities when they are flipped, such as on wastewater treatment plants.

- Added error message for upgrade if not available.

- Increased size of cargo depot to prevent ships collision.

- Added a research queue! This was one of the top-requested features.
- Added a cooling tower that is able to condense depleted steam back to water.
- Added a link to our suggestions tracker to the main menu.
- Fixed issues with turbine output normalization.

- Trucks deliveries and pickup for machines and storages can be now explicitly controlled in UI (off/auto/on).
- Drilling tech is now unlocked by any oil rig.
- Diesel generators and turbines are no longer accepting inputs even under construction or paused.
- Remove strict ratio setting from the balancer UI (for now).
- Balancers can no longer be connected directly to other buildings, only to other transports. This is to make priorities work properly.
- Normalize quantities in power entities UI.
- Added an arrow while building a cargo depot to better see its orientation.
- Fixed game startup issues when not connected to the Internet.
- Fixed saving/loading of files with '.' in their name.


Improved resource visualization:
- Virtual resources such as oil and water are now visualized with a cylinder and at on offset.
- Real resources now show real depth.
- If resources are covered by overburden (dirt/rock), this is now visualized so it is clear how deep they are.
- Resource bars now show depth via stripes, each stripe is one depth unit.
Other improvements and fixes:
- Transport throughput is now shown in transport popup and is properly normalized when /60 is enabled.
- Fixed issue with dumping filters that were sometimes not working properly.
- Fixed fuel station having lower refueling priority than other entities.
- Fixed balancer priority that was not working properly in some cases.
- Months of the year are now translated via CultureInfo in .NET, no manual translations are needed.


- Added throughput limit of 40/sec to all ports. This fixed several issues where instant product transfer was confusing.
- Added error messages when trying to construct two neighboring transport connectors, since they won't connect and it was causing confusion.
- Fixed issue where unreachable vehicles were not correctly marked as such, causing issues in logistics.
- Optimized some arithmetic functions and fixed potential arithmetic overflow in some cases.
- Fixed construction cubes of waste liquid dump.

Maintenance changes:
- Broken entities no longer consume maintenance.
- Lower max chance of breakdown from 75% to 50% (when maintenance is 0).
- Maintenance depot buffers increased by 20%.
- Starting maintenance for new entities increased by 10%.
- Maintenance quick repair is 50% cheaper now.
- Notification for lack of maintenance now shows earlier.
- Global maintenance status is now shown on the main screen next to products.
- Increased min broken duration from 5 to 10 days, making switching between broken and not broken state less frequent.
Other changes:
- Recipes now have a toggle to show normalized time per 60 sec.

- Fixed issue where jobs sometimes disappeared from vehicle's queue. This should fix various logistics and mining problems.

- Added experimental modding support, see for more info.
- Increase starting diesel and food by 20%.
- Increased island crude oil deposit by 10%.
- Fixed research lab UI not showing lab's real status.
- Fixed long research panel not being visible in small resolution.
- Fixed autosave intervals.

- Increased crude oil on the island by 10% (only in new games).
- Show turbines output in the UI.
- Fixed issues with excavator refueling.
- Fixed cargo ship docking position.
- Cargo ship is closer to home island.
- Updated all translation files.

- Ignore input from game controllers and other hardware that was causing constant camera panning (issue #1).
- Fixed variable rain sound intensity caused by camera rotation (issue #2).
- Disallow saving game with empty name (issue #3).
- Add default value (timestamp) to new saves.
- Minor error fixes.

- Attempted fix of trucks getting stuck and not responding to anything.

- Fixed displaying and loading of saves when there is a file with empty name (issue #3).
- Allowed all alphanumeric characters in save files (previously only a-z, 0-9 were allowed) to support non-English saves.

0.2.0 (alpha)


  • Added German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Estonian, Polish translation done by our community

New features

  • Players can now build multiple separate settlements and each one can be provided by services independently

  • Cargo ship including cargo depot to automate crude oil transport

  • Pirate battles & ship upgrades

  • Captain office + edicts toggleable by the player (Kickstarter stretch goal)

  • Advanced logistics

    • Assign storage and mine towers to each other to form custom supply routes for trucks

    • Added dumping filter into mine tower to enable fine-grained control for dumping and also to dump materials that were not dumpable by default like coal for instance

  • Building priority system

    • Also vehicles prefer constructing entities that already got some materials delivered

New content

  • New 2 tiers of research labs

  • Vehicles bridge

  • Flywheel

  • Transports & pipes tier II

  • Settlements

    • Housing tier II

    • Settlement transformer

    • Settlement household goods module

  • Seawater processing

    • Evaporation pond

    • Desalination plant

    • Ocean pump I and II

  • Metallurgy

    • Air separator

    • Industrial mixer

    • Oxygen furnace

  • Other processing

    • Glassmaker

    • Assembly electric II

  • Ecology

    • Exhaust filtration station

    • Wastewater treatment plant

  • Farming

    • Fertilizer maker + Electrolyzer

    • Greenhouse

  • Vehicles

    • Truck II

    • Excavator II

    • Tree harvester


New production chains

  • Construction parts 3

  • Glassmaking

  • Steelmaking + more efficient maintenance from steel

  • Seawater processing

  • Wastewater & pollution processing

  • Household goods

  • Fertilizer

Major changes

  • Transports improvements

    • Transports builder now has 100x faster path-finding

    • Massive speedup in transports rendering (400x) and simulation (benefit for larger factories)

    • Transport pillars are no longer underneath transports but around them. That enables a single pillar to support multiple transports instead of support one and blocking others. That enables to build in much more tight spaces and provides a great degree of freedom and flexibility.

    • Also, quality of life improvements like hold shift to build in a straight line, auto-snap to nearest port when hovering over a building or machine

  • Improved upgrades

    • Machines & transports stay fully operational until all the material required for an upgrade is delivered. That makes the upgrading process much smoother. 

    • Upgrades now also preserve internal buffers of machines.

  • Electricity changes

    • Turbine no longer stops when it reaches full utilization, instead, it wastes the steam. However, to prevent the waste, the player can build a flywheel. Turbine now also has start / stop penalty.

  • Water management

    • Groundwater is now in deposits that are extracted individually (rain still replenishes them)

    • Added a fresh water source in the world map for the desperate ones :)

  • Exhaust changes

    • Exhaust is no longer emitted every second like before but only once at the beginning. This means that exhaust quantities now match what is displayed in the recipes.

    • Smokestack throughput is significantly increased

    • Pollution from the exhaust is now reflected in population growth


Other changes

  • Trucks can now refuel in fuel stations (can be turned off)

  • Reduced ocean depth to make it easier to create new land by dumping

  • Vehicle depot now gives materials for scrapped vehicles

Quality of life improvements

  • New products display on the side of the screen. Can contains lots of products and players can also pin/unpin any products they like.

  • New status display for research and ship to the top bar

  • Transport inspector now shows the throughput of the selected transport

  • Enabled closer zoom for regular game camera and even more camera flexibility in photo mode

  • Mine tower now notifies player when it runs out of mineable designations

  • Lots of improvements in tutorials. Significant reduction of text and repetitiveness. Several videos illustrating principles. Increased font size.

  • Research node parents highlight

  • Pause tool

  • Performance improvements in terrain rendering


Graphical improvements

  • New transports textures

  • More particle effects

  • Improved metal caster animation

  • Improved weather visuals



  • The first village is now closer to the player

  • Population no longer grows without player’s initiatives

  • Diseases temporarily disabled

  • Maintenance depot has 25% increased throughput

  • Unity repairs are a bit cheaper

  • Delayed dry weather and made it progress more granularly


Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken upgrade cancelations

  • Fixed broken window positioning

  • Fixed elements scaling in product stats and product picker

  • Fixed cropped tooltips on the right side of the screen

  • Food market now reports stored products to the global state of stored products.

  • Vehicles now also cost fuel so it can't be cheated by constructing new vehicles

  • Vehicles no longer animated when paused

  • Excavators that are assigned with a refueling truck will no longer ignore that they ran out of fuel

  • Ocean no longer renders over dumping designations

0.1.9 (pre-alpha)

  • Fixed vehicles scrapping that was not working in some scenarios.

  • Clone tool now works on transports too.

  • Impure copper is now available earlier, not blcked by map exploration (copper might need to be researched again).

  • Entities menu also shows its shortcut.

0.1.1 -  0.1.8 (pre-alpha)

  • Diesel can be now burned in a Flare.

  • More initial copper.

  • Alternative way of making maintenance using impure copper.

  • Impure copper is now storable and transportable by trucks.

0.1.0 (pre-alpha)

  • Initial version

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