Patch notes

Below is a list of all the recent changes made into the game.

0.2.0 (alpha)



  • Added German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Estonian, Polish translation done by our community

New features

  • Players can now build multiple separate settlements and each one can be provided by services independently

  • Cargo ship including cargo depot to automate crude oil transport

  • Pirate battles & ship upgrades

  • Captain office + edicts toggleable by the player (Kickstarter stretch goal)

  • Advanced logistics

    • Assign storage and mine towers to each other to form custom supply routes for trucks

    • Added dumping filter into mine tower to enable fine-grained control for dumping and also to dump materials that were not dumpable by default like coal for instance

  • Building priority system

    • Also vehicles prefer constructing entities that already got some materials delivered

New content

  • New 2 tiers of research labs

  • Vehicles bridge

  • Flywheel

  • Transports & pipes tier II

  • Settlements

    • Housing tier II

    • Settlement transformer

    • Settlement household goods module

  • Seawater processing

    • Evaporation pond

    • Desalination plant

    • Ocean pump I and II

  • Metallurgy

    • Air separator

    • Industrial mixer

    • Oxygen furnace

  • Other processing

    • Glassmaker

    • Assembly electric II

  • Ecology

    • Exhaust filtration station

    • Wastewater treatment plant

  • Farming

    • Fertilizer maker + Electrolyzer

    • Greenhouse

  • Vehicles

    • Truck II

    • Excavator II

    • Tree harvester


New production chains

  • Construction parts 3

  • Glassmaking

  • Steelmaking + more efficient maintenance from steel

  • Seawater processing

  • Wastewater & pollution processing

  • Household goods

  • Fertilizer

Major changes

  • Transports improvements

    • Transports builder now has 100x faster path-finding

    • Massive speedup in transports rendering (400x) and simulation (benefit for larger factories)

    • Transport pillars are no longer underneath transports but around them. That enables a single pillar to support multiple transports instead of support one and blocking others. That enables to build in much more tight spaces and provides a great degree of freedom and flexibility.

    • Also, quality of life improvements like hold shift to build in a straight line, auto-snap to nearest port when hovering over a building or machine

  • Improved upgrades

    • Machines & transports stay fully operational until all the material required for an upgrade is delivered. That makes the upgrading process much smoother. 

    • Upgrades now also preserve internal buffers of machines.

  • Electricity changes

    • Turbine no longer stops when it reaches full utilization, instead, it wastes the steam. However, to prevent the waste, the player can build a flywheel. Turbine now also has start / stop penalty.

  • Water management

    • Groundwater is now in deposits that are extracted individually (rain still replenishes them)

    • Added a fresh water source in the world map for the desperate ones :)

  • Exhaust changes

    • Exhaust is no longer emitted every second like before but only once at the beginning. This means that exhaust quantities now match what is displayed in the recipes.

    • Smokestack throughput is significantly increased

    • Pollution from the exhaust is now reflected in population growth


Other changes

  • Trucks can now refuel in fuel stations (can be turned off)

  • Reduced ocean depth to make it easier to create new land by dumping

  • Vehicle depot now gives materials for scrapped vehicles

Quality of life improvements

  • New products display on the side of the screen. Can contains lots of products and players can also pin/unpin any products they like.

  • New status display for research and ship to the top bar

  • Transport inspector now shows the throughput of the selected transport

  • Enabled closer zoom for regular game camera and even more camera flexibility in photo mode

  • Mine tower now notifies player when it runs out of mineable designations

  • Lots of improvements in tutorials. Significant reduction of text and repetitiveness. Several videos illustrating principles. Increased font size.

  • Research node parents highlight

  • Pause tool

  • Performance improvements in terrain rendering


Graphical improvements

  • New transports textures

  • More particle effects

  • Improved metal caster animation

  • Improved weather visuals



  • The first village is now closer to the player

  • Population no longer grows without player’s initiatives

  • Diseases temporarily disabled

  • Maintenance depot has 25% increased throughput

  • Unity repairs are a bit cheaper

  • Delayed dry weather and made it progress more granularly


Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken upgrade cancelations

  • Fixed broken window positioning

  • Fixed elements scaling in product stats and product picker

  • Fixed cropped tooltips on the right side of the screen

  • Food market now reports stored products to the global state of stored products.

  • Vehicles now also cost fuel so it can't be cheated by constructing new vehicles

  • Vehicles no longer animated when paused

  • Excavators that are assigned with a refueling truck will no longer ignore that they ran out of fuel

  • Ocean no longer renders over dumping designations

0.1.9 (pre-alpha)

  • Fixed vehicles scrapping that was not working in some scenarios.

  • Clone tool now works on transports too.

  • Impure copper is now available earlier, not blcked by map exploration (copper might need to be researched again).

  • Entities menu also shows its shortcut.

0.1.1 -  0.1.8 (pre-alpha)

  • Diesel can be now burned in a Flare.

  • More initial copper.

  • Alternative way of making maintenance using impure copper.

  • Impure copper is now storable and transportable by trucks.

0.1.0 (pre-alpha)

  • Initial version