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Live events and press coverage

This page has up-to-date information about live streaming events and press coverage during our Kickstarter campaign. We will be updating this page as new content gets released.


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Videos BETA

Videos Alpha

Videos Press Build

 - Videos listed by YouTube

 - Glidercat: Let's Play Captain of Industry s02 e01

 - bballjo: [7 part series] Captain of Industry: Restarting, More details!  < explains lots of mechanics

 - Totalxclipse: Captain of Industry Game Review

 - Raptor: NEW - Build Complex Factories and Mine Resources to Build Rockets

 - Red Event Games: Captain Of Industry | The LookSee | First Look Series | The Indie Game Show

 - Flash Trouserman: Captain of Industry Kickstarter Preview & gameplay

 - Lensmanoz: Captain of Industry | Early First Look (Press Build)

 - JD-Plays: Captain of Industry 🚛 Pre-Alpha Review Thoughts and Impressions

 - JD-Plays: JD pushing mining to the limits!

 - Nookrium: Captain of Industry - (Settlement Building Factory Sim)

 - Flexible Games: Captain of Industry

 - Construction Gamer: Captain of Industry First Look

 - GrandTCaptain of Industry - First Look Gameplay | Mine, Manufacture, Automate, Explore and more!

 - CaptainTech: Land Ahoy! A Brand New Adventure! - Captain Of Industry - Early Access Gameplay

 - Sips: Sips Plays Captain of Industry! - (29/6/21)

 - Glidercat: Let's Play Captain of Industry [12 episodes series]

 - Glidercat: Captain of Industry - Kickstarter Update

 - [Fr] GamingSkill: Démarrage et fonctionnement ! CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY FR 1

 - [Fr] Dan Field: Une Sim de construction et de gestion incroyable à la Factorio !

 - [Fr] Diax: LE DÉBUT D'UNE INDUSTRIE | Captain Of Industry

 - [Fr] Arnki: Let's play Captain of Industry FR



 - [ES] Reinos de Silicio:  Gameplay español - Construye industrias y mina recursos

 - [Es] Psiko 9000: Gameplay español

 - [De] DrProof:  Let's Play Captain of Industry Preview 4k

 - [De] Renncifer: Kurzvorstellung: CoI - Captian of Industry

 - [De] Fabian: Neues Aufbau- und Automatisierungsspiel

 - [De] SpielbaerLPCAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY Pre-Alpha Deutsch German Gameplay

 - [De] Lucyda: CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY 👷 - Industrie-Aufbausim mit viel Potential [Pre-Alpha / deutsch]

 - [De] Kante Zockt: Captain of Industry #01 - Grundversorgung [Gameplay German Deutsch]

 - [De] Cigar0#1 | Captain of Industry | Factorio trifft Colony Builder | Angespielt | 2021

 - [De] DerStrategieNerdCaptain of Industry Pre Alpha Vorgestellt | Factorio trifft Schiffe und LKWs

 - [Ru] Rimpac: Captain of Industry - я буду добывать этот мир полностью!

 - [Ru] PlayAt Home: Captain of Industry # Индустриальная империя (первый взгляд)

 - [Ru] Antik: Captain of Industry - Промышленная империя на небольшом архипелаге / Эпизод 1 

 - [Thai] MinGamer: Captain of Industry เกมสร้างอุตสาหกรรมโรงงานนรก

 - [Thai] Mr. KunmanCaptain Of Industry EP1 เกมสร้างเมือง อาณานิคมชาวเหมือง สไตล์ Factorio

 - Captain of Industry all videos


- [DE] Captain of Industry – Aufbau- und Management-Simulation (May 28)