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We are hiring!

Artist for game-ready 3D models and texture

We are looking for a passionate and experienced 3D artist to join our growing team working on Captain of Industry.

​What you can expect

  • Work as a freelancer with the potential to convert into a full-time position for candidates interested and available to commit time to our project

  • Create animated game-ready models and textures of factory equipment, vehicles, chemical plants, ships, and buildings.

  • Enhance current models and textures to continually advance the game's visual appeal.


​What we would like from you

  • Have several years of gaming industry experience in modeling and texturing.

  • Provide us with your portfolio showcasing your game-ready modeling and texturing work (albedo, normals, specular/metallic).

  • Be open to feedback and pay attention to details so we can collaborate smoothly.

  • Be open to prototyping multiple ideas quickly and be able to change direction on the go.

  • Be creative. We don’t have a concept artist, all you get is our vision, and it can often be blurry :) 

  • Put importance on immersion and realism, your models need to make sense.

  • Verify your work in Unity before shipping it to the team.

  • Communicate in English with us and our dev team.

  • Collaborate with other 3D artists if necessary.

  • You are an independent individual, not affiliated with a studio or vendor.


Models requirements

  • Game-ready 3D models with ~5-10 k triangles (soft limit, depends on the size).

  • Leverage techniques to reduce vertex count

  • LODs and especially creating models with LODs already in mind

  • Animations - key-frame, morph, bones.

  • Format: FBX that imports correctly to Unity, including animations.



  • Proficiency in texturing is crucial for this role. We highly value detailed texturing work, so expertise in this area is advantageous. You should be familiar with tools like Substance.

  • Realistic textures that fit the style of our game, approx. 64 px per meter.

  • Pre-baked AO in the albedo texture.

  • Normal map with meaningful features that can deliver more details than vertices allow.

  • Specular/metallic map with meaningful features that look realistic.

  • Emissive textures


Terrain & Vegetation

  • Experience with trees, vegetation, and terrain textures is a big plus but not strictly necessary.


What we offer

  • Freelance remote only work with a flexible work schedule

  • Being part of a development team of a successful game with hundreds of thousands of players

  • Ability to influence and enhance the look and feel of Captain of Industry

  • Ability to influence the development of the game with your ideas and suggestions

  • Competitive salary and bonuses for achieved milestones

  • Satisfaction of working on a game with a wonderful and growing community


Interested in this role? Email with your details, experience summary, the software you use, and most importantly, your portfolio. Please note that applications without game-ready models and texturing portfolio will not be considered.

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