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Terms and Conditions

​​The business

We are MaFi Games at 65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU. Pleasure to meet you.


We offer pledges for you to buy to support us and receive a digital download of our game - Captain of Industry - as a reward. This download will be provided via Steam key. The key will be sent to the email provided during the checkout and will be provided around the date that is stated in the description of each pledge. There might be delays, however we will do everything we can to deliver as soon as possible.

We do not provide refunds for the pledges. Firstly because we lose money on every refund due to processing fees and secondly it involves extra manual overhead. We kindly ask you to treat these pledges as a way to help to support our development & join us on our journey and that it will take us some time to get to a final product.

The pledges are not relevant to any Kickstarter policies or rules and are not tight to our Kickstarter campaign. We are not going to refund our website pledges in case we don't meet our Kickstarter goal as we aim to deliver the game no matter what.

To provide you with peace of mind, you are eligible for a refund of your pledge in case we do not deliver you the promised access after 12 months from the estimated date that was specified in the pledge.

We also don't accept returns & refunds of the steam keys as we have no way to verify the amount of time played. If you require such a service, please wait for our public Early Access to order directly via Steam.

Steam keys will be sent to the email you have used during your checkout. We can't take any responsibility for cases where you lost access to your email. In case you would like to change your email address, we ask you to make such a request by sending us an email from the original address that you have used for your purchase

Physical goods

Together with our pledges we offer physical goods - T-shirt, poster.  These goods will not be delivered immediately. We expect them to be available around March 2022.

We do not provide refunds for these as well as these items will be made in quantities based on the amount of orders we get here and on Kickstarter. However in case your goods get lost, damaged or accidentally sent to Mars, we will do everything we can to make it right by either issuing a refund or providing you a replacement.

Please note that once we have goods ready for a delivery we will notify you upfront via email. And If we don't receive any reply within 14 days, we will automatically send the goods to the address you have provided during your checkout


We will store your information in Wix systems that also provide this online store.  You can read a full privacy policy here. We also reserve the right to share your data with third parties that we need in order to fulfill your order, such as courier service or fulfillment center. Because the issue with couriers is that if we don't give them your address, they simply don't know where to deliver your package.


If you have any questions or issues please reach out to us at

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