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Frequently asked questions

Thanks for your interest! Below are answers to questions that we get asked frequently. If you have more questions, chat with us on our Discord server.

General questions

Is the game finished? When can I play it?

Early Access game is now available on Steam.

What platforms are you gonna release for?

We are now released for Windows PCs. We have several reports that game works fine on Linux (Proton), and we are exploring MacOS. Release on consoles is currently not planned but this may change.

Where is your game studio located?

We are just 2 developers! One half is in Europe, second half in the US :) We also work with freelancers all around the world. In total we've counted 5 countries that are involved in the game.

Can I help with something, like translations?

Thank you! We have a translation tool available that you can use to help us translate the game to your language. More details can be found here.

Features & gameplay questions

Is there going to be multiplayer?

We are focusing on a single-player experience first. However, if the community is interested, we are open to seriously consider a multiplayer after the release. Let us know what do you think! Also take a look at our roadmap for more details.

Are we going to have more islands? Or a generated one?

The game now offers multiple islands to choose from. We will keep adding more maps and we are going to provide a map editor. It is worth pointing out that the islands you can see now are generated procedurally.  Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

Mod support?

Absolutely! We had so much fun with mods in other games we played so we'd love to give as much freedom as possible with modding API. In fact, our game is written as a mod on top of the core, so we are serious about it! You can already start experimenting with modding, more can be found on our GitHub. Full Steam workshop support and mod management will come soon as well. Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

Do you plan power lines or other power distribution?

We think that having to manully connect every machine to a power grid is more of a chore than an entertaining experience. However one of the options we are considering are transformers that have a decent range and can be connected via high-voltage power lines. That would also allow us to add new game mechanics. Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

What are the plans for naval battles & pirates in general?

We will most likely keep the mechanics of combat as it is for now. In early access we can consider moving the battles to 3D (but keeping them autonomous).  The idea of pirates invading island is on the table. But we want to make sure it is an optional game mechanic (meaning the player engages in something that triggers such events) because we think that many folks would not appretiate it. And we really want to avoid adding features that have to be turned off.  Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

Can we have trains?

We think that many games already have trains so we rather prioritize exploring new concepts before we do something like this. Probably the island would have to be a bit bigger in order to utilize it. But at that point it starts to be interesting to explore multiple islands instead and having logistics in beteen them, where logical choice would be ships first. One of the other options would be to have some smaller trains to manage cargo between mines & processing facilities. Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

What about roads?

We deliberately ignored roads as a requirement to build. Because we want to allow the players to be able to easily build & expand without the need to worry about them. Many games introduce roads to simplify their path-finding. We don't have that constraint. However we do plan to add them as an optimization to increase vehicles speed (or reduce potentially added penalty for driving in mud) so players can build them to optimize hot-spots or longer distances. Or just to make things nicer :) Take a look at our roadmap for more details.

I feel guilty over destroying a nice island

This is how real world works, though. So we think that this can also serve as an interesting self-reflection on how we approach our environment. We have designed this based on real production chains. Real world issues such as lack of groundwater and pollution. However there are mechanics to be more and more eco-friendly towards the end-game and decouple yourself from coal and oil entirely and we plan to add more. So hopefully, many of us will find this at the end to be a satisfying and learning experience.

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