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Update 2 is out!

Hi everyone, we are super excited to announce that Update 2 is here! Captain Zuff has prepared a wonderful trailer to walk you through all the new fancy features, so don’t forget to check it out. You can also find the full changelog at the bottom.

COI Hub is out!

Our community hub is up and running at Besides blueprints, you can also grab some of the new maps made by the community or upload your own! We can’t wait to see your creations!

Key highlights from Update 2

  • Extra 30 minutes of new music!

  • Map editor

  • New map Armageddon, all existing maps were revamped and improved

  • Hydrogen vehicles

  • Conveyor lifts

  • Stackable balancers

  • Custom surfaces & decals

  • Improved difficulties and their runtime changes

  • Loans

  • Optional ores sorting

  • Improved logistics

  • Pipes and tank trucks coloring based on contents

  • Product icons for fluid storage

  • New models for assemblers and they now also show what they produce

  • Improved GFX: Clouds shadows on terrain, improved particles for machines, new particles on terrain

  • Added 4 new types of trees and 16 bushes

  • COI Hub: Community portal for sharing COI content such as blueprints or maps


To celebrate the brand new map editor, we’ve created a new map called Armageddon that showcases what can be done! With four starting locations, each offering a different difficulty level, this map caters to both new players looking for a manageable challenge and seasoned veterans seeking a test of their factory-building skills.

The new Armageddon map
Did you notice the truck and excavator down there?
This is the hardest starting location. Can you survive?

We wish you exciting new chapters in Captain of Industry!

Marek & Filip

Full patch notes


  • Save files from Update 1 are fully compatible and all new features are available in legacy saves.

  • In order to enjoy updated maps and improved terrain generation, you need to start a new game.


  • Added 8 new tracks to the soundtrack, totaling 34 minutes of unique game music to enjoy.

Map editor and terrain generation

  • Fully-featured map editor that allows editing maps as a set of manually-configured procedurally-generated features.

  • Map editor offers a wide range of configurability from simple shape control and parameters configuration, to changing how 2D noise functions are chained together to generate terrain features.

  • New map representation that ensures maps are maximally forward-compatible and future-proof.

  • Increased maximum map size to 17M tiles, 4x larger than the largest map so far.

  • New maps may contain more than one starting location.

  • Improved map generation pipeline to allow parallelization of all generation stages, decreasing game load times.

  • New hydraulic erosion simulation that makes the terrain (especially mountains and cliffs) look more realistic.

  • Procedurally-generated features such as mountain ranges are now configurable as polygons, not only as lines.


  • All existing maps were recreated and improved, all containing new starting locations for fresh playthroughs.

  • Added new map called Armageddon - a largest map in the game with 4 starting locations, each offering a different difficulty level.

Community Hub

  • Created and launched a community hub for sharing blueprints, maps, and mods:

  • Hub offers better integration with the game (compared to other third-party services) such as validating blueprint strings, or showing contents of uploaded maps.

Custom surfaces & decals

  • It is now possible to manually place surfaces such as concrete on the ground.There are 10 surfaces available: 2 concrete kinds, 4 metal kinds, 2 sandstone kinds, bricks, and cobblestoneExclusive gold floor is available in the Supporters Edition (thanks for everyone's generous support!).All surfaces now have curbs at their boundary.

  • All surfaces can be painted with decals such as lines, stripes, arrows, numbers, and other decorative elements. There are over 70 different decals to choose from available in 8 colors.

  • Decals can also be copy-pasted or saved into blueprints

  • Vehicles driving on custom surfaces have reduced maintenance.

Improved difficulties settings

  • Game difficulty setup in the new game flow is now split into two parts: difficulties and mechanics.

  • Difficulties adjust factors like production, yields, and resource availability.

  • Mechanics alter gameplay in more significant ways, e.g. whether vehicles should keep driving slowly without fuel or stop.

  • It is now possible to configure the game settings to eliminate death spirals, making the game more approachable for casual players, or to make it even more challenging for veterans.

  • All game difficulty settings can be now changed during the game, however, any change will be recorded in a log and a cooldown period prevents changing the same settings too often.

  • There are now more than 30 individual game difficulty settings available.

    • New option to disable death by starvation, starving people will not work though.

    • New option to keep vehicles running slowly without fuel.

    • New option to keep ships running on unity when no fuel is available.

    • New option to keep machines working for some time without electricity or computing.

    • New option to keep machines working slowly when broken down due to low maintenance.

    • New option to stop conveyor belts from working when low on power.

    • New option to keep water pumps working when no water with reduced throughput.

    • New option to keep world mines working slowly when without Unity.

    • New option for full deconstruction refund.

    • Added research cost multiplier.

    • Added quick actions Unity cost multiplier.

    • Added solar power production multiplier.

    • Added contracts profitability multiplier.

    • Added loan conditions multiplier.

    • Removed power production multiplier.

Additional new features

  • Hydrogen vehicles

    • New class of vehicles that run on hydrogen instead of diesel.

    • Hydrogen vehicles include: T2 and T3 trucks and excavators, T2 tree harvester, tree planter, and cargo ship.

  • More fuels for Cargo ships

    • Ships can use Diesel or Heavy oil interchangeably

    • New hydrogen ship

  • Conveyor lifts

    • Vertical transports allowing vertical movement of unit and loose products.

    • Lift up to a height difference of 6 tiles on 1x2 tiles of space which allows transporting materials over retaining walls.

  • Ores sorting

    • When enabled, trucks with mixed materials from a mine will have to dump their cargo to a dedicated ore sorting plant, instead of directly delivering individual materials.

    • Ores sorting can be changed in new or existing games via new game difficulty settings.

  • Loans

    • It is now possible to loan certain materials from friendly settlements.

    • Loans can help with averting crises or speeding-up progress.

  • Props removal tool for easy removal of tree stumps, rocks, and bushes.


  • Balancers can be suspended on pillars, similar to transports or connectors. Other transports or balancers can be built on top of them, allowing for truly multi-level conveyor networks.

  • Logistics now won’t schedule delivery jobs if the second leg of the trip is not accessible. This solves issues where trucks were being loaded with material and was then unable to deliver it to its destination.

  • Trucks no longer get stuck on unreachable goals; they mark such goals as inaccessible instead. Targets that can’t be reached by multiple vehicles get reported via a notification.

New UI

  • New user interface for the main menu, map editor, in-game settings and difficulty configuration.

  • Revamped save/load game screen to group saves by game sessions. This is also reflected on disk where games from one session are organized in directories.

    • This also prevents auto-saves from mixing between different sessions.

  • Mods that fail to load are now marked in the UI together with the copyable error message.

  • Improved sound effects for many UI actions

Graphics improvements

  • Pipes are now colored based on their contents. This change is slow and gradual to avoid any sudden changes and to support pipes with mixed contents.

  • Trucks with tank attachments are colored similar to pipes and have a product icon on the side.

  • Fluid storages have a product icon on top.

  • Three new deciduous tree variants: birch, maple, and oak.

  • New terrain props: bushes.

  • Clouds now cast shadows on the ground.

  • Improved particle effects for various machines, especially those emitting fire or steam.

  • Interactions with terrain such as mining, dumping, or terrain collapse now generate dust particles.

  • Vehicles now emit smoke from exhausts.

  • Trees now sway in the wind slightly.

  • Terrain under the ocean is now rendered as wet.


  • Vehicles and cargo ships now cause pollution when using fossil fuels.

  • Cost of Vehicle barriers was reduced from 10 to 1 concrete.

  • Cost of Retaining walls was reduced from 10 to 6 concrete and 4 to 2 iron per tile.

  • Increased output and upgrade levels for world map’s rock mine

Changes in the early game

  • Abandoned radio tower is now set to be recycled by default.

  • The main ship no longer requires initial repairs, just the dock.

  • Early assembler now requires power so power production is unlocked from the start, initial diesel supplies were increased to reflect that.


  • Significant changes were made in the modding API, all mods will likely need to be updated and recompiled.

  • Mods are now selected at the start of the new game (instead of at the end), allowing them to affect the new game setup flow, e.g. providing maps for selection.

  • Improved how mod configs are being handled, now all mod configs must derive IModConfig interface.


  • Molten transports and balancers can now be elevated, but must still remain flat.

  • Fixed disappearing large entities under some camera angles in rare cases.

  • Fixed a slight memory leak after quitting a game to the main menu.

  • Initial transport placement no longer requires a valid pillar to start the transport construction.

  • Fixed settlement health/unity generation when more than one settlement was constructed.


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