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Kickstarter done & translations coming

You did it! Thanks to the amazing support from all of you, our Kickstarter campaign finished 181% funded! And if we add all the pledges from our website, that goes up to 200% of our original goal. That's a total of $96,456 US dollars raised! That is huge! Thanks everyone!

Our Kickstarter campaign is over but we will continue to run a crowdfunding campaign on our website for a few more months. We are only going to offer discounted early-bird pledges until the 30th of June so there is still a day or two to take advantage of the lower prices! Visit our pledge page here.

We have also moved all stretch goals to our website and we will keep them up to date because we know that you really want the large excavators! :) Once we will get closer to the alpha stage, we will remove the closed alpha pledge and then the similar will happen with the beta stage. We plan to keep our crowdfunding campaign open until October.

Translation tool is open!

It’s great to see how international our community is – 70% of Kickstarter backers are from outside of the US! And because of that, we’ve put our heads together to figure out how we can accelerate localization of the game to let everyone enjoy playing it in their preferred language.

The distribution of our supporters per country - TOP 10 countries (includes our web)

We are excited to announce the launch of our community translation tool! Anyone who is interested can help translate the game into their favorite language! We have added an initial batch of the game’s text and there is more to come. We hope that some of the translations will be able to get far enough to be included in the closed alpha. You can read more details about the translation process here.

Besides translations, we have worked on other things as well! We added new game mechanics, fixes, models and even prepared one of the stretch goals that we have reached! We will be posting a separate blog post about this in a week or so, so stay tuned! Thank you! Filip


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