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Crowdfunding rewards are ready, pick designs, confirm address!

Ahoy Captains, today we have just a quick message to our beloved backers. More than two years ago we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and many of you are still waiting for the physical rewards: t-shirts and posters.

The good news is that we are ready to start shipping the rewards! If you are expecting a reward, please check your email. You should see a message form us with the subject line "Captain of Industry rewards are here, pick designs, confirm address!". You will need to fill a short survey regarding t-shirt size and your choice of a poster design, and verify your shipping address. If you don't see this email, reach out to Please answer the survey as soon as possible so that we can start manufacturing and shipping. Thanks!

If you didn't pledge for a physical reward but would want one, unfortunately we are currently not accepting new orders as we are laser-focused on the Update 2. However, if everything goes well, we will have more merch offerings in the future. Consider subscribing to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter to get notified.

There is one more reward that we have not fulfilled yet - the Journey of the game ebook. But our journey is not done yet! That's why we decided to postpone production of this book to the 1.0 release (full release from Early Access), when the journey will be complete!

Thanks for your generous support and let us know once you receive your rewards!


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