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Captain’s diary #26: Welcome Zuff, our new community manager!

Ahoy sailors! Captain Marek is speaking. Welcome to our regular Captain’s diary post. I have some great news so let’s dive in!

MaFi Games is growing!

I am excited to introduce you to Captain Zuff – our new community manager! Give him a warm welcome if you see him around :) Here are a few words from him:

Hey Captains! I'm Zuff and I'm excited to be a part of the team and help this game and community grow into the biggest factory we've ever seen! I'm a huge fan of simulation, tycoon, and city-building games, going back to the first SimCity in 1990. Captain of Industry, in my opinion, is the best one yet and that's what makes this position a dream come true. Looking forward to the future! Build on and don't run out of oil!

My role is to be the in-between for the devs and the community. My duties will include moderation, video production, community interaction, issue/suggestion management, and social media handling.

My goal will be to bring the community's creations, ideas, and suggestions together and try to identify what's important, what's already been submitted, and what can be trimmed. This way the developers can have a better understanding of top priority requests for features and bug fixes.

I also want to showcase users' factories, mods, and other creations on our official outlets. Finally, I'll work with content creators and other media sources for more exposure to this fantastic game.

Zuff’s humble factory. He is a little guilty of restarting saves often so he is yet to launch his first rocket!

Development update

The last two weeks brought dozens of fixes and also some most-wanted features. Just to name a few:

  • It is now possible to move the main Shipyard.

  • Added a new edict that allows evicting the population from the island.

  • Copy/paste and cut/paste tools now support transports.

  • Logistics assignments are now directional.

  • The area delete tool can now cut transports based on the selected area.

  • Reduced size of save files by up to 20%.

We would like to keep the pace of fixing the most important issues while adding new features to stabilize the game further but expect the frequency of patches to go down and their size to go up!

Among other things, we are working on solving the mine flooding issues caused by invisible ocean tiles below the surface. While technically, this is not a bug, we understand that this is causing a lot of frustration and has to be fixed soon. We also decided to add a manual vehicle control so you will be able to tell the vehicle to navigate to a certain place.

We are also looking into tree replanting mechanics. While you can get unlimited wood by importing it from the world, not being able to replant trees doesn’t feel right. We are hoping that replanting will be used as a wood source as well as decoration to add some greenery to the factories.

There are a few more items on our radar, namely pathing issues and end-game performance. These are larger tasks that will take us some time to tackle but rest assured that we are working on them.

Extensive copper and steel smelting shared by player ItDoesntHurt_IHope.

Update from community

Our community is growing in many places! Recently we have celebrated 7500 members on our Discord server, 1300 members on our subreddit r/captain_of_industry/, and our Steam forums are very active as well; welcome, everyone! If you need help or just want to share your work, please do!

We are also thinking about creating a dedicated COI forum on our website since we feel that all the current options are not meeting our needs, especially discoverability and searchability. We’d like to allow anyone without any account to read and search posts. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Let us know on our Discord or Steam forum!

Conveyor belt artwork posted by player Coin. This is some MOMA material!


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