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Captain of industry, a factory game of the REAL cause and consequences

Introducing Captain of Industry, a PC game that brings us as close as possible to the realism of building a successful self-sufficient island. Where many games offer unlimited resources, Captain of Industry gives the player the truth of mother nature where resources are not infinite and even water can’t be taken for granted.

After a global crisis where everything you know is wiped out, you land on a deserted island with the huge task of creating a sustainable industrial society.

You are trying to start again and trying to start better.

As the Captain, you must gather the workers that will develop and build your industry. To start off you build a lighthouse as a beacon to attract refugees to your island to help build a thriving society. Managing a population is just the beginning. Once you have a workforce, the developing and building begins.

You must juggle the mining of resources to construct factories, set up oil rigs and power plants whilst establishing farms to feed your population and maintain all of it. The game makes you face the realism of time and its effect, be it climate change, pollution levels or the ageing of your machinery. In Captain of Industry, your job is never done finding the most efficient way to use and replenish your resources.

And there are plenty of resources to look for: wood, coal, iron, copper and so much more. You might take the easy way and spend them lavishly to build your empire faster and cheaper, however, this decision will hit back sooner or later, when valuable resources are not so easy to get anymore. On the other hand, players that set a strategy from the beginning and carefully plan their future spending will find themselves at an advantage as the game progresses.

And of course, you don’t stay island bound as the Captain of Industry. To live up to your title task you'll be the captain of a giant ship to pimp out as you see fit, to seek out those much needed additional resources and citizens for your island. Because who doesn't want to captain a massive phenomenal ship to support your thriving island? Or at least try to.

Come play Captain of Industry and see if you can live up to the title.


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