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April update

Another exciting month is behind us and we have more great news!

Kickstarter page

We now have a Kickstarter page: Hit the “Notify me on launch” button to get updated once we launch our campaign (that’s gonna happen quite soon!).

Battleships & dock

In Captain of Industry you are not just a Captain of your industry but also of your ship. You start with a basic one that you've used to escape from a danger. But you will need your ship to explore your surroundings for more resources and refugees to grow your colony. However, the world out there is tough and so you will need to upgrade your ship to defend yourself on the battlefield. You start adding turrets to get fire power, improving your bridge to get advanced radar technologies, and also your engine to travel larger distances. The crew requirements will grow as well.


Taking care of your people is the number one priority from the beginning. The very first thing you need to provide is a place to live – the settlement. The resources are scarce so your first settlement is going to be built from refurbished shipping containers. To make them more livable, your people will make them into small cozy houses with lots of windows and paint them with vibrant colors. Take a look!


Assembler is such an important machine that there are 5 tiers available to you. From a simple manual manufacturing line to a fully automated robotic assembler. The more advanced assembler you have the more advanced products it can make, plus at a faster pace. Their requirements also increase. For example, the robotic assembler requires computing power from your datacenters … yes datacenters! Stay tuned :)

New terrain textures

We have done many significant improvements to our terrain textures. There are now over 20 different hi-res terrain textures, including two types of grass that we blend to reduce repetitiveness. We also have different materials for ores that is being mined vs. when it was intact.

Here is a before/after comparison of an iron ore mine:

And coal mine looks like this. Also note the new forest floor texture.

The new grass textures are visible only form further away, here is the comparison:

Maintenance depot

Maintenance depots are used to service all your important machines, buildings and vehicles. You just supply the depot with products and it will keep things maintained for you. There are two tiers of the depots. The first tier provides basic maintenance and the second tier takes in more expensive products and provides maintenance for more complex machines. Insufficient maintenance leads to frequent breakdowns of machines and vehicles.

Waste dump

Entity for dumping of any factory or settlement waste right into the ocean. However be careful, polluted ocean can negatively affect growth of your population in settlements. So later on it is advisable to build waste processing facilities and avoid any waste dumping.

Charcoal maker

It's a useful early game machine that converts wood into coal. It is however not very efficient and consumes a lot of wood. Since the supply of trees is limited, it is recommended only for the early game before you set up a coal mine.

That's it for this month

Thank you again for your interest and support and if you like what you see, consider sharing it with your friends. The bigger the community the better the game! If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at our Discord server. And if you are not a member of our Captain Club, sign-up here and claim your new wallpaper now!


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