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Captain of Industry is a colony and factory simulation game for PC.

Finding yourself on an abandoned island, you and your loyal crew are starting a new colony after the world has spiraled into chaos. Mine, manufacture, harvest, research, explore & more!

Public Early Access was released on the 31st of May 2022! You can now purchase the game on Steam.

We reguarly share our progress on Twitter, FacebookDiscord blog and some exclusive stuff in our Captain club (please join).

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Key features

Manufacture products

Start simple - smelt iron, mix concrete, create construction parts, and grow food. Soon you will be able to expand into crude oil processing, electronics, solar panels, datacenters, and even rocket parts. There are over 100 unique products to work with!

Build efficient factories

To build an industrial empire, you need to be clever. Place machines carefully to connect them more efficiently with conveyor belts. Refine raw resources close to their mining location to save fuel needed for transportation.​

Shape fully dynamic terrain

No mountain is tall enough for your fleet of excavators! You can shape your island to your will - build natural bridges and ramps to access remote areas. Are you running out of space? How about dumping some rocks into the ocean to create new land!

Mine raw resources

Find the natural riches of your land and use them to expand your factories. Mine coal, iron, copper, gold, or pump underground water!

Farm your land

You need to feed your people. Start basic by growing some potatoes on farms. But this won't be enough. Later, use fertilizers and advanced greenhouses to keep up with the food demands.

Research new technologies

Research is a must have! Unlock new buildings and materials and make your factory more efficient. New technologies will change the course of your future.

Construct new vehicles

Trucks, excavators, and tree harvesters! Upgrade your fleet to make the most of it but make sure you are producing enough fuel to run all of these heavy machines!

Explore the world

Repair and upgrade your ship with better engines, armor, and weapons. Explore your surroundings, find refugees, discover more resources, and be ready for naval battles!




It is just two of us, Marek and Filip, and we have known each other for years. We are software engineers who first met at a university and who shared a dream about making their very own video game. We started in 2015 with initial prototypes in Unity and worked on the game during our free time whenever possible, usually during evening and weekends. We did all the design and engineering work and we hired talented freelancers for the amazing 3d art. Time flies fast though and suddenly it has been 6 years since we started. This is definitely the longest project we have ever worked on and we are excited to be this close to finishing it!

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