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Alpha roadmap

NOTE: This is an older version of our current roadmap.

Closed alpha (September 2021)

  • Significant performance improvements

  • Add naval battles against pirates, add ship upgrades

  • Add vehicle bridges, so that excavators can cross transports

  • Enable research lab upgrades and add new models

  • Cargo ships that automatically deliver cargo from the world map

  • Enable to build multiple disconnected settlements

  • More content

    • Steel smelting

    • Construction parts 3

    • Glassmaking

    • The second tier of truck & excavator

    • Upgraded pipes and conveyors (stage 2)

    • Waste treatment

    • Advanced metallurgy upgrade

    • Advanced power production + water recovery

    • Light diesel distillation

    • Housing upgrade

    • Fertilizer production

    • Corn farming

    • Greenhouse

    • Upgrades for assembly and concrete mixer

  • Improve tutorials - reduce the amount of text, repetitiveness, add things that are missing

  • Rewrite transports to make pillars less restrictive when building

  • Temporarily disabled diseases - mid-game models are not ready and their system needs some polish

  • Add more production chains - steel, glass

  • Improve buildings upgrades system (might slip to beta)

  • Reduce ocean depth for easier land expansion

  • Building prioritization for construction and resources consumption such as workers or electricity (might slip to beta)

  • + Surprise - new game mechanic coming!


Closed beta (December 2021)

  • Incorporate feedback from the alpha phase

  • Trees replanting

  • Enable player to put concrete on the ground

  • New content

    • Ship upgrades

    • Silicon production

    • Electronics production

    • Microchip production

    • Datacenters

    • Smart routing

    • Robotic assembler

    • Advanced maintenance

    • Construction parts IV

    • Upgraded pipes & conveyors (stage 3)

    • Gold smelting

    • Ocean pump & water desalination

    • Plastic

    • Household electronics goods

    • Housing upgrade

    • Hydrogen production

  • Restore diseases and add more mechanics (might slip to early access)

  • Provide a more fine-grained logistics control (e.g. assigning entities between each other)

  • Improved logistics interactions with transports (overridable by player)

  • Open storages so products are visible (might slip to early access)

Early access - the initial stage (March 2022)

  • Incorporate feedback from the beta phase

  • Start working on a soundtrack

  • Focus on polish - particles, sound effects, quality of life.

  • New content

    • Aluminum smelting

    • Solar panels

    • Space program: rockets assembly, launchpad, space station modules assembly, space station

    • Add space program & space station (dust collection & stargate might be moved to the second stage)

    • Weather forecast station

    • Decorations for settlement (parks, fountains, or something like that)

  • Allow player to choose a position of their first settlement

  • Provide multiple islands to choose from (island generation will not be done yet)

  • Randomize world map

  • Translate the game to other languages - French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (might be later), Chinese (might be later), Japanese (might be later)

  • + Surprise

Early access - the second stage

  • Experiment with island procedural generation

  • Focus on modding support

  • Continue localization efforts

  • Look into other platforms - Mac, Linux

Early access -  ideas & possibilities

IMPORANT: These are just ideas on what we could do, not ordered by priority. What we will end up implementing will be largely based on feedback and wishes from our community.

Farms & food production

There is a huge potential that we did not unlock yet in regards to food production. Farms would no longer produce food but raw resources (potatoes, wheat, etc.). These would be processed for food. There is also a possibility to add livestock. e.g. players can find cows on the world map and have them reproduced. Cows can starve if not fed, obviously. That would lead to the fact that the player has wiped out the last remaining members of the species on the planet. Livestock could also provide manure. There is also a possibility to implement farming directly on the terrain and provide farming equipment. Food variety could have the following benefits: reduces food consumption, makes people happier = more unity, people are more healthy.


Advanced power management

Consider introducing power transformers that could be connected via high-voltage power lines. Also, provide better automation for power failures. e.g. starting a backup power plant, power switches, etc. This will be very much needed in cases of unreliable power sources such as solar power. Would be cool to build off-shore as well. This might require a special type of ship or helicopter.


Waste management

The settlement will produce waste that initially has to be put on a landfill (and will cause pollution). Later on, the player can burn the waste into exhaust + slag. And afterward, the player will get a waste sorting facility (settlement module) that provides individual products for recycling. Biowaste could be used in special power plants. That could be also extended to have farms dedicated to biogas production.


Quality of life improvements (some of these will most likely come a bit earlier)

Enable to destroy entities by dragging 

Enable players to create blueprints and share them

Add more production statistics for each machine


More content for mining

Even bigger excavators. Dedicated dumping entity connected to transport. Mining cable cars.


More customizations

Battleships or vehicles paint jobs. Flags (for ship and as standalone for the island).


Day & night cycles

This would provide better immersion and new challenges.


More chains

Coffee production: Having a population high on caffeine would increase the speed of vehicles and would also discount unity boost. 

Ammo production: Having to produce ammo for the ship. With the possibility to have extra tiers of ammo to have better damage. And end-game missiles which would be expensive but could turn the tide of ongoing battle when fired manually by the player.


Extend mechanical power

Add mechanical power transports (shafts), mechanical power storages (large rotating mass), and use mechanical power in more machines/chains than just electricity.


More stuff for settlement

More decorations. Also lavish ones like statues etc. which serve as achievements. Communication module that connects settlements to datacenters - the internet.


Improvements in naval battles

Consider moving naval battles to 3d. However, these would still be automated (no player control involved).


Multiple islands

The player could have multiple islands. Logistics would be managed by cargo ships or by building bridges with trains. This would be handy to potentially provide multiplayer where each player has their own island. We don’t plan to have real islands on the world map as that would be a hell to manage from the player’s perspective.



Enable players to start on the same island or each player could have their own island. This will need more design and we think we will be smarter once we get further with the game.

Pirates attacking the island

Not something we want to force on the player. However, we could introduce some kind of challenge where the player can decide to engage to get some special rewards. Or it could be interesting for multiplayer as a co-op or to fight against each other. However, this is a huge task and right now the priority is low.


People on the island!

We deliberately made the decision to have settlements as blobs so we can, later on, add people if needed. People in a settlement would be just for decoration purposes and they would not mix with the general island. We could also add a possibility to build transportation between individual settlements or have stations that cover some area of the island with a workforce. This could be built on top of trains or we could use buses. However, buses would require roads or concrete ground and obviously maintenance :)


Digging / dumping challenges

Players would have to dig deep to find some artifact for instance. Or some other valuable end-game resources. Or something that can serve as a decoration for the settlement. Dinosaurs skeleton for instance.


End-game challenges

Challenges such as heatwaves. Heatwaves would kill the population if the player does not provide cooling. They could also put stress on the equipment. These would also increase maintenance and water consumption.

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