You can purchase this to upgrade your Captain pledge to the Admiral pledge. DO NOT BUY if you don't have the Captain pledge already.

Play the game in closed ALPHA (September 2021) before it is publicly available.


Refund policy

Please be advised that this pledge is non-refundable. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Estimated delivery
Closed ALPHA access: September 2021
Closed BETA access: December 2021
Public early access: March 2022
Any physical goods: March 2022

UPGRADE: Captain to Admiral

  • 🏅 Supporter role on Discord

    🔑 Captain of Industry (Steam key) - March 2022

    🎵 Soundtrack (digital download)

    📕 Journey of the game e-book

    👨‍🔧 Closed beta (on Steam) - September 2021

    👨‍🏭 Closed alpha (on Steam) - December 2021

    🎬 Thank you in credits